Oracle Ridge Copper Project: An Underground Mine


The former Oracle Ridge Mine, located on private property, is an inactive, small-scale underground copper mine in the permitting and detail design stage for resuming operations. The proposed mine operation would utilize the same surface footprint as in previous operations as much as possible.

The existing Reclaimed Tailings Facility is also located on private property. The current plan for the proposed project would utilize the existing tailings facility footprint and expand it to accommodate the current mine plan. The tailings from the existing facility would be excavated and incorporated into the new lined facility. The facility would be constructed and concurrently reclaimed in stages throughout the life of the mine to minimize visible disturbance.

Newest environmental engineering practices will be used with the Best Available Demonstrated Control Technology (also referred to as BADCT), including:

  • Dry-stack tailings to reduce the moisture available to infiltrate into the subsurface
  • Staged reclamation to minimize visual impact and control runoff
  • Water reclamation
  • Groundwater monitoring wells to verify engineering controls are functioning as designed and permitted
  • Installation of a water tank equipped with a dipping tank that will be available for fire suppression
  • Power studies have determined connection to the existing power grid is most economic and lowest environmental impact option